Sector Leaders

Sector Leaders are former Analysts, typically in their third year in the College or older, who have had several successful quarters in the club and wish to take on increased responsibility. They apply for the position and are selected by the Investment Committee through an interview process. Sector Leaders have a thorough understanding of value investing, corporate finance and financial modeling. They are primarily responsible for originating investment ideas and leading valuation and due diligence efforts in their respective sector coverage groups. Sector Leaders are also involved in recruiting new Analysts and leading a discussion section for the New Member Education program.

Investment Committee

Investment Committee (ICOMM) representatives are former Sector Leaders and Analysts, typically in their fourth year in the College. Members of ICOMM are elected to their positions on the committee by the members of the club. They are responsible for making investment decisions based on the stock pitches presented by the club, as well as overseeing TBC's current investments and portfolio allocation. Members of ICOMM are also involved in recruiting new Analysts, selecting Sector Leaders, leading New Member Education, giving seminars on a variety of topics in finance, and developing mentorship and continuing education initiatives for the club.


Analysts, who typically join TBC during their first or second years in the College, must go through an application and interview process as well as an extensive training program. Upon successful completion of training, Analysts join a sector coverage group. Their responsibilities include fundamental analysis, using discounted cash flow and trading comparables; understanding industry dynamics; conducting equity research and due diligence; and generating ideas to further the club's investment portfolio. 

Senior Analysts

Senior Analysts are tenured Analysts, typically in their third year in the College or older. During their time in TBC, they have developed a thorough understanding of corporate finance and equity analysis, demonstrated strong work ethic and leadership, and exhibited dedication to the club as a whole. Senior Analysts share the same responsibilities as Analysts, but also assume increased leadership responsibilities within their sectors.


Associates are former Analysts, typically in their third year in the College or older. They have gained a solid grasp of fundamental analysis, corporate finance, and industry dynamics. Associates may fulfill the same responsibilities as Analysts, but generally contribute to continuing education and mentorship independent of a sector.