Meeting on 1/17 @ 2:30pm in Reg 402

Hi Everyone,

The first assignment for next week is an industry report on the major sub-sectors of healthcare, consisting of Facilities, Life Sciences Tools and Services, Managed Care, Pharmaceuticals, and Products and Supplies. These reports will be completed in groups of 2, consisting of 4 pages single-spaced. The groups are as follows:

Facilities: John and Sammi 

Life Sciences Tools and Services: Ranjani and Scarlett

Managed Care: Kassim and Roland

Pharmaceuticals: Will and Arthur 

Products and Services: Eduardo and David

Although the work can be divided up easily, I hope you still take the opportunity to reach out to your partner and talk to them about the assignment and anything else you want to talk about.

The assignment is attached below, and is also located in the Assignments - Week 2 folder of the dropbox. Furthermore, on the dropbox is located the S&P reports for 2014, and I will upload the 2015 reports later on today as well as other readings later on today.

The assignments are due Saturday the 16th at 6:00 pm in the Week 2 assignments folder of the dropbox. Assignments submitted anytime past 6:00 will be marked as late.