Seminar: Intro to Distressed Debt & Restructuring

Hi all,

Please find the syllabus containing the date, time and location for the seminar. Participants do not need any prior knowledge in distressed debt, restructuring, credit, etc. Open to all current TBC members (analysts, sr. analysts, associates, etc. - but not Fall 2015 NME candidates or members who have left the club). The seminar is cumulative, so participants are encouraged to attend all of the sessions. 

I've also attached the two optional readings for the first meeting; feel free to browse through them to see if this seminar might be of interest. The Gramercy piece will be most relevant to the first seminar in terms of content as it is more of an overview/introduction to distressed debt market and distressed debt investing. I choose the piece by Moyer as I think it is more representative of the kind of analysis and situations involved in distressed debt investing and restructuring, and thus represents the culmination of the kind of understanding we will work towards (these topics will be covered in length the last 3 sessions of the seminar).

If you are interested, no need to email me, just show up to the first session (on time please!). If you have any questions about the syllabus or materials, please hold them for the first session as well.