Upon being admitted to TBC through an application and interview process, new members are led through a quarter of training by senior leadership. In training, each new member is placed in a small discussion group led by a senior member of the club. This program is designed to teach fundamental analytical skills and introduce analysts to business-oriented thinking. New members must complete a diverse selection of readings and rigorous assignments on corporate valuation. New members are then offered Analyst positions contingent on their participation, peer review, performance on a stock pitch presentation, and comprehensive final exam. After successful completion of training, members are placed into one of our seven sectors: Consumer, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Natural Resources, Technology, and Communications.  Once per quarter, each sector seeks out, researches, and pitches attractive investment opportunities for the portfolio. Through this process, members continue their professional development by honing their investing skills and expanding their industry knowledge.


We aim to create an authentic value investing experience for our members through practical application of valuation methodologies and active portfolio management. Additionally, we provide our members with a forum for expanding their general knowledge of investing, business, and corporate finance. We create these opportunities through a structured curriculum, industry presentations, and portfolio management. We further seek to promote financial and markets literacy through campus-wide events and collaboration with other RSOs.


We promote continued education and innovation through guest speaker series, networking sessions with potential employers, and our mentorship program. Our outreach efforts include hosting stock competitions and a variety of campus-wide events in an effort to expand financial literacy and generate lively discussion in the larger community.